Manufacturing and converting print media is where Papergraphics Trade Services begins ...

... but refreshingly, this has the full back-up of our exceptional service; automated production; product training specialists; colour profiling assistance and full marketing support.

Established in 1991, Papergraphics Trade Services (PG-Trade) specialises in the provision of large-format print media to the PPC, Inkjet CAD and Graphics markets. Supplying exclusively to trade and concentrating on the success of your business, PG-Trade has a solid reputation for its commitment to quality; its flexibility and professionalism, and specifically, for its programme of product innovation.

Prompt delivery service.

PG-Trade is well aware of the pressures on the market place, and know that a prompt delivery service is crucial to you business. We are pleased to offer an overnight, and next day delivery service from our warehouse directly to your offices.

We also closely monitor the service of our delivery company to make sure that all is running smoothly and that your orders arrive in mint condition.

Sourcing and supplying the highest quality at the best price.

PG-Trade's diverse and inspiring portfolio reflects our absolute commitment to innovative products and value for money, and is enhanced by our ongoing, and proactive programme of product development .

A programme that is grounded in market awareness and sound commercial experience in sourcing, developing, testing and introducing new and innovative products on a regular basis.

An additional bespoke & confidential service to boost you brand.

PG-Trade has specialised in converting and manufacturing since 1991, and is now the UK's leading provider of bespoke conversion services and customer-labelled media solutions.

Our aim is to provide our customers with a skilled, experienced and wholly confidential service that will not only benefit your business, but will also reflect our own high standards and our on-going investment in training, development and technology.

Supporting your business with confidence.

We are proud to lead the way in the supply of large-format print media, and proud to be the first choice of international as well as local businesses in supporting the media requirements of PPC, Inkjet CAD and Inkjet Graphics industries.

We are looking forward to an exciting and rewarding future in providing unsurpassable flexibility and service, guaranteeing the highest quality media at the best price, and developing new and innovative products that contribute to the success of your business.

Since 1991 PG-Trade has offered its customers a professional and confidential range of bespoke services that are focused on boosting the brands and profit margins of companies large and small throughout the UK and overseas.

As a well-established and sizeable company, we are able to meet your exact requirements through experience, flexibility and our absolute commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

Paper Conversion Services.

For customers who require something a little bit different and are looking for a bespoke solution to their media requirements, PG-Trade offers a completely confidential and professional conversion, labelling and distribution service to help your business serve its' many market needs.

PG-Trade's customers include paper manufacturers, paper agents, merchants, publishers, printers and other converters, and we are uniquely equipped to convert either standard mill reels or custom products into finished, packaged goods. Our full range services include reeling, sheeting and guillotining and can handle reel sizes up to 1682 mm wide and 1200 mm in diameter.

Converting involves a series of complex processes, and can, without a doubt, add value to substrates, and indeed, to your business. However unusual your requirement may be, from bond paper through to an extensive range of specialty media for wide-format inkjet printing, PG-Trade has, since 1991, grown in experience and expertise in delivering a highly skilled and efficient conversion service.

Over-flow Conversion Services.

PG-Trade also offers an over-flow conversion service to customers who find themselves in the happy situation of having more work than they can handle. We make sure that demand can meet supply through taking on the over-flow promptly and efficiently, and through offering a service that gives you maximum flexibility and short lead times on the supply of reels and sheets.

Customer labelling services.

An important brand-boosting exercise for our customers revolves around having their print media supplied with their own brand packaging and labels. Papergraphics boasts a 4-colour-labelling machine dedicated to producing colour labels to include our customers' own logo and any other promotional or product related information.

A CAD range, researched and optimised to fit your requirements!

PG-Trade is proud to boast one of the widest ranges of Computer Aided Design (CAD) products in the industry. Our high-quality products are designed to fit engineering applications ranging from check plots to full-colour renderings, and our outstanding range of products includes semi-opaque; light-weight; report grade; high-white; tracing and premium coated papers.

The full range has been specially developed for optimum use on all leading makes of plotters - Hewlett Packard, Encad, Roland, Calcomp and Océ - to name a few. PG-Trade also has a range of non-coated products for (mono/line colour) from 60gsm to 120gsm, including three different grades of 90gsm media suitable for use on engineering graphic plotters (CAD/CAM), and available in roll widths 610mm, 841mm, 914mm, and as cut sheets. All of our mono products are also available in 2 and 4 roll box formats, and to top it all off, for customers with bespoke requirements, at your request, we can supply non-standard sizes from 297 to 1067mm.

Meeting your specifications.

In addition to producing stock size rolls and sheets, our expertise and flexibility allow us to supply products to our clients' exact specification using either our own quality range of Inkjet materials for CAD reproduction, or by converting customers' own reel stock.

At PG-Trade, when we talk about PPC, we like to keep it simple; it's paper, it's white, the quality is indisputable, and the price is right.

PG-Trade is the UK's leading manufacturer of large-format copier and specialist inkjet materials, and we are also the largest independent paper supplier to the UK wide-format copying market. Supplying high-quality products at the right price and providing experienced and wholly reliable service to our customers both nationally and internationally is our promise and guarantee.

We deliver throughout the United Kingdom and Continental Europe using our own fleet, or carefully selected specialist carriers, Our efficient ordering service and our flexible approach to your precise requirements means that we can supply exactly what you want precisely when you want it.

An unrivalled PPC product range

From bond to heavy-weight papers, PG-Trade's PPC products are suitable for all mainstream copiers, and can be supplied in multiple sizes including taped to core for Xerox copier machines. The PG-Trade PPC range is available in the standard weight as well as heavy weight versions of 90 gsm and 120 gsm, and has been thoroughly tested by all of the major OEM's. Our products have a low moisture content specifically developed for PPC applications, and have a high white and bright background ensuring maximum contrast reproductions with minimal show through.

An exceptional range of Graphics media.

PG-Trade has a portfolio of quality media that is second to none, and in supplying the graphics industry with exciting, proven, cost-effective products, we are continuously sourcing and developing advanced media that will achieve the status of "best in field" in an ever-evolving market.

This is a dynamic part of our business that has become an important area of concentration through overwhelming customer demand.

High-quality media at the best price.

As our range increases, we are pleased to take the lead in being proactive in our quest for the "perfect media" for our graphics customers. In sourcing and developing products, we set our sights on media that will stand out above the rest and give exceptional results at a price that fits your budget. We provide cost-competitive solutions that come with our guarantee of intelligent development; unrivalled quality, rigorous trial and testing and customer-support available on demand.

Finding out more about your requirements!

We would be delighted to discuss our bespoke services with you in greater detail, and of course, in complete confidence. If you are contacting us from the UK, Eire or the Americas, please contact our Head Office (based in the UK). If you are contacting us from Continental Europe, please contact our European Office (based in Belgium).

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